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Delicious Raw Food Recipes with Cucumber

cucumber recipeOne of the most important foods to incorporate in a raw food vegan diet is cucumber. This tropical plant from the melon and gourd family is rich in Vitamins A, C and B as well as folic acid, ascorbic acid, caffeic acid, silica and fiber. There are many delicious raw foods recipes containing cucumber, ranging from salads to deserts. Cucumber makes you look good on the outside because it benefits the skin and makes you feel good on the inside because it helps the connective tissue and other organs with all its nutrients.

One you have found a few good raw food recipes with cucumber you will quickly see how easy it is to add more of this versatile vegetable to your diet. It is important, however, to properly select and store your cucumbers to get the most out of them. One of the most important parts of any raw food vegan diet is to choose foods which are organic, and with cucumbers that means you can’t use those traditional green varieties that are coated in wax that you find at the grocery store unless you remove the peel. Some vegetable waxes are derived from petroleum products, and some of these waxes contain casein, which is a milk protein and thus not part of a raw food vegan diet.

Cucumbers will always taste best in your raw foods recipes if you choose the ones that are firm with rounded ends and brightly colored. They should be stored in the refrigerator in a plastic bag, or if you have leftovers from one of your favorites raw food recipes containing cucumber you will want to eat it within two days because they begin to lose their nutrient density after they are peeled and sliced.

There is an abundance of raw foods recipes containing cucumbers, but salads are probably the most popular. Once delicious example contains chopped red cabbage, shredded or chopped carrots, chopped cucumber, sprouted sunflower seeds and a vegan vinaigrette. This fun food should always be in your fridge.

Looking to improve your health, reduce body fat, look and feel better then you should learn about the many advantages of following a diet composed of all natural raw foods. Salads, fruits, vegetables and nuts are natural healthy foods that the human body was designed to consume and thrive on. Visit How to Start a Diet of Raw Foods and learn more about restoring your health.